Enterprise Software Implementation

Technology for business growth

Technology continues to fuel changes in what, where and how Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) work gets done. Progressive SMBs are now investing more in technology-based solutions and sees technology as a business enabler to help drive more revenue and growth than other SMBs. SMBs are now blending technology and business savvy to help reshape business models in order carve out new markets niches, giving them the competitive advantage. In line with this, Lexium IT™ sees implementation of open source enterprise softwares as a business enabler to keep SMBs in Nigeria businesses relevant in today’s highly competitive and resource constrained business environment.

As such, we offer implementation services for open source enterprise softwares for business growth. We have experience in implementation and customization of open source softwares such as; Enterprise Resource planning system (ERP), Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Student Information System (SIS), and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). We have implemented ERP and EDMS for clients in Construction and facility management industries and also SIS for private schools. We adopt sound project management skills, methodologies and gap analysis in developing our implementation strategy in order to attain the client’s expected project deliverables.