Project School Dot Net

Project School Dot Net

Project School Dot Net (PSDN) is an all in one IT solution package for grassroots’ schools powered by Lexium IT™. This package includes student information system, school portal & website development, computer lab & network setup and training. It is specifically designed and tailored to meet today’s grassroots’ schools BASIC IT demands, putting into consideration “Affordability” and “Flexibility”.

School Management System 

  • user access control
  • subjects/ courses instructor allocation
  • easy information dissemination mechanism; from parents to teachers, from teachers to parents
  • a flexible grading system for teachers and tutors.
  • easy access to student general performance and development
  • Cloud / Web & On-premises hosting
  • students billing

Computer Lab + Network Setup

  • low-cost computer lab setup
  • affordable internet access
  • web content filtering
  • user access restriction
  • network security
  • local area network [LAN] or wireless local area network [WLAN]
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Setup

Website Development + Hosting 

  • content management system
  • reliable web hosting
  • domain name registration.
  • site maintenance and management
  • search engine optimisation
  • website promotion.
  • Social Media Integration

Costs saving technology driving small business growth.

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